Thursday, November 10, 2016

Staying Sane by Making Art

What a week this has been. I realize that when I am upset I get busy.  It helps me not to freak out. What has happened in the US election has shocked me and everyone I know. I cannot imagine how it happened. My heart goes out to all of my friends down there. Making art seems to me at the moment to be the one thing I have some control over. I don't think I am avoiding facing what has happened. While I draw I think. When I am not drawing I am reading the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Globe & Mail and The New Yorker and anything else I trust. What has happened is wrong and not right. Maybe making art is a way to try to stay positive. Maybe one can hope at least for a miracle that will turn things around and bring back justice and integrity and hope.
To seem totally frivolous at this time, I made a little drawing demo just to see if I could actually do this. I have a small Wacom tablet, a PC and Painter Lite which came with my Wacom software. I also use Corel Video Studio Pro to edit and to record the screen shots. I wonder if I should make more demos?

Here are four of six new small painting sketches. I used my photographs as a reference base for these paintings below which I painted in Corel Painter Lite and later I will cross over to my real oil paints. I've been taking a course with Dreama Tolle Perry using real oil paints and I am not sure if I can pull off the real thing. But at least I can try. In any case these Painter paintings are very satisfying. And there's no clean up!

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