Friday, May 26, 2017

My Screen Play Course with Future Learn Exercise

This is an exercise for a course I'm taking with FUTURE LEARN   on Writing a Screenplay.
They suggest we post an outline in brief form of our character onto our personal blogs. This is a new way of looking at my novel manuscript.
  • From the end and working backwards.
Maggie Mulligan Rides a horse to the top of Blue Mountain, gathers up a portfolio, applies to a school of art, follows a young man into a difficult place, walks down city streets taking in beauty around her, fails at school, is forced to join an alien church, walks more, writes an important letter, begs dad to let her go to A, reads a lot, thinks a lot, hides the truth, prays and feels guilty when prayer has deadly consequences, grieves, sits in car, takes part in a kidnapping, applies to a contest, loves tea dances, phones a boy, giggles with a friend over results, dances in rain puddles, worries about dad's safety in storm, runs from her mother, betrays her mother, bravely enters a new school environment, loves music, enjoys a friendship, makes a phone call, gets rescued by dad, is kidnapped by mom, looks after brother and sister, enters a contest, deals with police, hides situation from teacher.
  • character’s wants and needs.
Maggie needs stability,to feel safe, to be loved and cared for. She wants to have a normal family, live in one place, and not to have to worry about covering up for her mother's drinking and she is afraid the Children's Aid will take her and her siblings away if they find out the truth.
  •  her basic psychology.
Maggie is skilled at memorizing poetry and lessons, she is promoted at school not necessarily because she is brilliant but because she's a work'a'holic who is rewarded with praise from teachers and strangers for her writing, drawing and piano skills. She is intelligent, naive about adults, self controlled, always aware of exits and how to escape difficult situations, cautious, sensitive to body language of alcoholics, able to become invisible so as not to upset the alcoholic
  • Describe the character’s superficial affect. 
High school teacher might say "It's really hard to get to know this kid because she doesn't talk much." Kids at school call her "Teacher's pet." and they resent her brief appearance time as she moves from school to school. Dad calls her "She's my cherry pie girl." Mother says in spirit "I am so sorry I messed up so bad honey."
  • physical characteristics
Tall, skinny, not much shape, brown wavy hair, Caucasian, thirteen years old, green hazel eyes, clear complexion, loves to dance and walks with joy, enthusiastic, starts dressing to fit a new culture alien to the Catholic upbringing, takes on rock and roll, Elvis, fashions, high school culture, football, cheer leaders, 

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