Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today I worked on a pencil drawing which has been a satisfying activity.

My cat and my dog are content and happy today especially with the sun shining in through windows.

This week I plan to start with some illustrations for a book idea. The story is one I wrote back in 1987. It was for a video project for a course I was taking at Emily Carr School of Art and Design.

I promised my instructor I would finish it one day. How's that for procrastinating? It is all written and edited and ready to go except for the drawings I started and never finished. It is always in the back of my thoughts. I know I have to DO it.

This is the week I shall begin to finish what I once started. I call it 'The Pencil Box'.

The photo is of my sweet little Tamara sitting on my sofa. I have a new camera and she is my first subject.