Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drawings and getting started

Lately my heart is longing to get back to drawing. I have begun two drawings of the two beloved dogs of my son and his wife.
It's been so long since I got into a drawing like this and in order to convince myself that I am up to a new project of pet portraits I am posting a few of my past commissions.
This sweet faced cat is owned by a friend and it was completed a year ago. I can't remember the cat's name. But I remember the pleasure of capturing her with pencil crayons from a really lousy reference photograph.
My friend was really happy with the finished work. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the face of someone who enjoys what they see. And she loved it. And I am glad.

I don't know what happened to February!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nothing like A Sunny Day To Raise One's Spirits

I found a way to change some of my photos with my software into different colours.I think I shall post some of them.
Today is a beautiful day because the sun is lighting up the bluest sky.We haven't had such a day for quite a while.It feels like spring is going to start today. And it probably will excite the trees and gardens into producing new growth shoots.
We had Dim Sum yesterday at the Pink Pearl Restaurant in Vancouver. Known for seafood, the place was Jacob's choice. It was his eleventh birthday. The dishes were tasty. Lots of shrimp. And noodles surrounding packages of pink shrimp.
Not so many pork dishes. (Good... because they are so greasy) I am not so fond of Dim Sum. But yesterday was a pleasure.
There was a tasty mango pudding and a tapioca that tasted like peanut butter. Light and fluffy and a nice dessert to end it.
Jacob was tired after his birthday celebration the night before with his school buddies.They played the Wii until late. They had managed to get together four Wii controllers so they could all play together. Jacob seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes open.
Last night I rented a video 'Gone Baby Gone'. I found it to be an interesting and complicated story that in the end was most unsatisfying. And it is a long film and it moves slowly. Strange. It didn't ring true and I had the feeling that the writer was trying to make a point about child abuse in a bad home vs a better family environment. And in the end I wanted to change the ending. And perhaps that is exactly the point of the ending. Yet...
I wonder what you think of it IF you spend any time watching it.
Last weekend I took myself to the movies and saw JUNO. A delightful film. And some of it if not all of it was filmed here in Vancouver.So well done! A beauty of a film. It brought back memories of the teenagers I worked with for so long.
I should be outside in the sunshine.On the TV today at the moment, the cutest kids dancing in a British dance competition.And they are looking so strong and healthy and trim. Wow.What great exercise for kids! And it looks like so much fun.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Friend Liz told me

" I want you to draw animals wearing clothes" she says to me over the telephone. So here's a horse in high heels looking pretty silly.
But at least being silly is a way through the blocks to get creative again.
The cats appeared out of the blue. They closely resemble my cat's shape and size. She is round and fat even though she doesn't eat all that much.
I am sure the vet would like to see her. I'm sure she's worth big bucks to fix.
But she's been with me for eight years now since she was rescued by a group my friend Liz calls 'The Cat Police'. I saw her hiding in a cage at the market where she was on display with a number of other rescued cats. But she was the shy one.
They told me she wasn't a good one to choose because she was only there because they wanted to keep an eye on her. She hadn't been well and they expected her life to be a short one because of all she had been through.
But I fell in love with her eyes peering at me from beneath the quilt square coverlet in the cage.
We did see a vet to get checked out.
But since then she's been an indoor cat living happy and safe with me.
Why did I go on with that story?
Perhaps it is on my mind because she is getting older. The vet thought she was six or seven and that was eight years back. Oh my. I hadn't thought of that for a while.
In any case, Babette rules this place.
Tamara is terrified of her eyes. She actually shakes in her paws if the cat gets too close.
Of course they are both drama queens.
I wonder where they get that from?
Meanwhile the horse in heels is ready for a story I suppose.