Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our White Christmas is actually happening

Ho Ho Ho.

Byng Crosby's song is real at last in Vancouver.

It is snowing again in Vancouver. I think I will get outside with my camera to capture the beauty.

My Christmas tree lights are cheering up my place.

Tamara has a brand new red winter jacket. She looks like a miniature reindeer.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I have posted this on my other painting puppies blog as well. Why I have two blogs is a question I have for myself today. However, since I have not posted here for a while, this photo will keep me up to date here.
I am now working on a portrait with pencil crayons. My acrylic attempt at a Mallard sits beside it. I am still tweaking the duck and am not finished. But almost.
Outside tonight it is snowing silently. I was so surprised when I took my dog out for a last walk of the day. We have had such noisy rain for so long I forgot how silent snow is when it falls in the night around midnight. I did not expect the world to be covered in white powder snow, even thought the temperature had dropped today to freezing. Vancouver never gets as much snow as the rest of Canada at this time of the year.
Tonight the neighbourhood streets are covered with few tire tracks and the sidewalks were white and fresh with no tracks until we stepped out. The ground was sparkling against the many Christmas lights around the neighbourhood. My little dog seemed to be delighted with the snow as well. This is unusual for her. She always hates melting snow and especially slush. But I suppose the crisp cold powder was an unusual change for this city.
I imagine there will be many delighted children in the morning.