Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Holiday Week Vector Cat

Last night I joined up with the Wet Canvas weekly all media events projects under my name bluelilac. I tackled a photo reference of a beautiful cat. And here she is. And it was fun. I think it would make a nice card? Thank you to Elizabeth of Wet Canvas for the reference photo of her beloved cat in her garden.

Vector art in CorelDrawX4. I had trouble with the fur and I may try to adjust it today.
I hope everyone is enjoying a week of Peace and good things.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maggie Comes Home

I have no idea how this happened so fast. But the offer came over the telephone from a trusted friend who is a certified Canadian Kennel Club breeder and I was missing my Tamara so much. It was as if a piece of my heart was gone.
So last night I brought my new kid home.
No sleep last night but settling down.
Here is my adorable Magnolia...Maggie for a nickname.
When I get her to sit for a grooming still I will arrange her adorable top knot. She had just taken a drink of water and her beard is wet and her top knot elastic came out. I had just introduced her to her bone toy and she was delighted. She played with it for an hour.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Tamara, My Fathful Little Friend Is Gone

My little dog Tamara died today and I am missing her so much. She was the sweetest friend to me. She came to me four years ago when her previous owner went into a home with altzheimers.
She became a part of my heart. From the beginning she had physical problems but the vet always had a solution until recently when her diagnosis of Cushings Disease pretty well explained the reasons for her skin problems, the weakness of her back legs, infections, dry eye problems, skin lesions and an inability to walk very far before her back legs gave out..
But she was a trooper and I tried to keep her comfortable. I bought a little dog buggy which enabled me to take her for long walks. She loved her buggy. She'd sit there with her nose sniffing the neighbourhood smells. And I'd let her out to sniff her favourite trees and she'd say hello to neighbourhood dogs. Her little tail wagged all the time.
In October, The vet prescribed a new drug for Cushings which helped her through the days and then into November. Her skin cleared up, her fur grew back in thicker and softer and she started walking farther each day. But when I renewed the very same prescription two weeks ago, it seemed the new pills did nothing and she began to crash.
She got an infection, her skin broke out all over her body and the itch drove her into a frantic state. Her one seeing eye became blind and her total deafness closed her off from her world with the passing of each day. She wanted to know where I was and she began barking at strange moments. I think it was her way of calling me to her to comfort her.
I made the decision today when I woke up to see her struggling with collapsed back legs along with an intolerable skin itch. It was so hard to decide!
This morning I took her to the park in the buggy she loved for a last tree sniff and a pee and then I took her to the vet. He said it was the right decision. And after she was sedated and comfortable in my arms he injected the fatal dose.

I am so very sad today. I can hardly bear it.
She was a true and loyal friend right to the end. I guess this sadness and grief is the price one eventually has to pay for the gift of joy from the comfort of a pet that gives only love and shares a sweet life of joy in grass and bushes and trees and other animals and people. And most of all the love they give to us is unconditional and irreplaceable.

Thank you Tamara. I hope there is a dog heaven.