Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Where Did The Ducks Go?

The family of beautiful wild ducklings disappeared suddenly three days ago when no one was looking. There are rumors along with feathers on the pond, and not much else. This photo is from the last time I saw her on the day she disappeared. She is protecting those babies with her wings.
Most of us are hoping they have been located in a better place in a pond filled with life and bugs and plants. The fountain is crystal clear but provides no nourishment as far as I could make out. People brought lots of food for the ducks though, some of it good and some just awful like the floating bread in the pool from well meaning kids and even a pile of what looked like goat cheese placed near her nesting spot!
Patients in wheel chairs continue to ride themselves over to take a look at the ducklings and there is nothing to see. I am thinking about putting up a sign but first I think I'll call the SPCA to see if they are responsible for the removal of the family.
I know there are others, not quite so humane who expressed anger against the ducks staying in the fountain. "They have got to go!" was expressed by one woman as her chocolate lab ran about splashing in the pool right beside the frantic mother duck.
I heard through the grapevine, that the groundskeepers were annoyed because ducks meant extra clean up.
I had mixed thoughts. I loved having the ducks around and I started documenting their daily growth with my camera. But I worried about them being there.
Some parents sat beside the pool laughing when their ten year old boys splashed around with four foot long water guns while the ducks tried to quickly escape. But one little fellow didn't make it out on time and he swam around in circles crying in duck cry sounds calling for his parent duck.
A row of adults and kids gathered and stood between duckling and mother duck preventing the escape. They were amused and they laughed at the antics of the terrorized little guy.
I was so upset I realized my protective feelings were getting a little weird around these creatures. After all they were only ducks. Yet I am ashamed about the lack of respect for wild life and the lack of empathy or care some people expressed.
Now they are gone and many of us are a little sad. But I am going to see if I can find out who took them away and why.
SEPTEMBER NOTE: According to the neighbours, the ducks were rounded up in a box and relocated to a better place by a group of people from the SPCA. I wish they had left a note.