Friday, June 06, 2014

Good Things Must End

The last day of my adventure with the class at Moberly Elementary School was a week ago. I took a chocolate cake and a carrot cake and we had a party. The kids were thrilled about the cake. I hope their moms didn't mind too much.
It's a good thing we ended it at that point because the teachers and the government have been having a huge disagreement and schools have been in and out of session according to picket lines here and there across the lower mainland.
One of the nicest things that happened this week is the post on the Biennale website about our project. I had no idea they would say such nice things about me for heaven's sake. But it sure feels good to think that it all worked out in the end.
If there is anyone out there interested you can check out the Vancouver Biennale assessment of our project here. The Biennale post includes, in the text about half way down,  a little booklet in pdf  form that I put together for the conclusion of the last part of our project.Great kids. All of them. I will miss them.