Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Display

Today we finished the project and it turned out quite nicely. The children took so much pride in their work and everyone's creation is unique and fun. Spaceships. Aliens and Red moons. Twenty four children. 7 and 8 year olds, mostly boys...And we did it! The teacher was patient and supported the project all the way.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Red Moons & Aliens

The project on Aliens and Spaceships took on a life of it's own. The plan was to place all the art on a large sheet of black paper. But the school roll of black paper was all used up so we decided to make individual planet landscapes with blood red moons. Here are a few photos.
As always I am feeling privileged to be working with children. Each one of them gave total focus to this project. Once they began the landscapes of alien planets with red moons, they had so many stories to tell me about each creation. Where aliens lived, what they eat for lunch, the structure of houses or caves, how they swim and fly all over the place rather than walking.
I think they connect easily with their imaginations and brain power when they use pastels.
So even though they are messy, pastels are the best medium to get into the flow of creation. This is just my opinion of course. And so many pros out there know so much more than I about children and artistic process.
I really appreciate how their teacher has been open to the creative process as we adjusted the project along the way.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Aliens Project

I thought I'd post my experiment for a school project with grade 2/3's.
From a drawing
painted in watercolour,
photographed with my iPad Mini camera,
adjusted the image in Percolater
and then adjusted with Photoshop Express.

I am hoping the children's creations can be photographed in the same way and then perhaps I can show them how to use the APPS to explore the digital possibilities for their art making.

My plan is to inspire the children to draw characters from their imagination. So far they have created space ships for the project. We are creating a large space mural which fits their class time studies about the recent red moon. I am hoping we can work on a larger scale in the next session. We used cut out colored papers for the space crafts but I am looking forward to the next session where drawing will take priority. I think that cutting out papers made them too worried about perfection with straight lines etc. and I think I failed them with that exercise.I am not sure what will happen with this drawing and markers idea. I am only in the planning stages so I may invent a better way to do this. On the other hand I sometimes get too many ideas and it is probably better to keep it simple.

Photo above: My experimental alien painting converted digitally with Percolater APP on iPad.

Photo - Spaceship building with colored papers and glue sticks.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Friends Asked

So many have asked me how I created the butterfly design,I thought I'd explain in case there is anyone out there with an iPad and they want to have some fun making images do unexpected and sometimes beautiful things.
If you click the image it should come up larger on the screen.