Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Anti Bully Thoughts and Actions

I am suddenly going through a blip in my life with a family tragedy and a world turned upside down. I came across a wonderful website dedicated to stopping bullying and I feel like this is a perfect week to post it. The website is bystanderrevolution.org and here is a link to a song about standing up against bullying.
I came across this while doing some exercises related to a writing course I have signed up with this week.
The Children's Book Academy course on writing  middle grade novels. This is day two and I am totally into the process again of writing.  I am so happy to be taking time for this! I LOVE writing. I had forgotten. And what a great way to focus on more positive things. Now off I go, and back to work.


Celeste Bergin said...

what a good website that is! Will you share what you write? LOVE this photo of your furry friend and crocuses :)

Mary Jane Muir said...

Hi Celeste! I am so happy you came by. My writing course is intense but I am loving it. I do appreciate your presence here this week. You have such an amazing and productive painting blog. I enjoy it even if I don't always post comments there. I am not sure if I will post my stories here. Best regards to you!