Friday, April 15, 2016

Butt in Chair

I have been taking a fabulous course from the Children's Picture Book Academy.
Middle Grade Mastery. That's where I've been. Writing a Middle Grade novel.
Organizing and rewriting a book I have been working on for sixteen years.

Butt in the chair and my nose to the keyboard since the beginning of March.
Now I am coming out of this place and I am still feeling and thinking like a twelve year old.
I have almost 30,000 words and a story that works.
At least I think it does. I have no idea if it is any good, but it is done. Wooohoooo!
I need to celebrate at least for getting this far. To an ending.
At least for today.
Tomorrow or next week I will probably go back another ten times to edit and adjust and add to it.

Now I am going out to the library to get some exercise and clear my head.
I highly recommend the Children's Picture Book Academy courses.
Mira Reisberg and Hillary Homzie have put together an incredible amount of information with an endless amount of generosity and sharing of great learning materials and resources.

Outside the streets are in bloom. Spring in Vancouver.