Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Two Months

Display at the Board Offices Lobby
Portraits From General Wolfe's Grade ones. I finally managed to get the VSB lobby display up of the beautiful self portraits from the Artist in residence project with the children and their teacher. From Spring 2016 and put up in September 2016.

Taking an Oil Painting Course
I have always wanted to learn how to paint with oils. Dreama Tolle Perry's dreamlovepaint.com oil painting course is everything anyone could ask for complete with wise advice videos, meditation videos, tips for painting videos and painting demonstration videos by a master painter.
The photos are from class work. It was really fun but I still have tons to learn and I think I kind of suck at this non digital activity so far!
Now I am wondering if I can actually paint something without Dreama's guidance in the use of oils. Somehow I think it is going to be really hard.

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