Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hello August

This is what I did this morning.
I am going to take it into painter and color it.
This is Ryan O'Brian and his mom and dad from one of my 'manuscripts in the works'.

This July I thought I might start drawing again and if I make myself post something each day in August maybe I will keep at it. I have been ADD like and all over the place with projects in July including editing and revising manuscripts for my picture books.

Also I've been trying to put together a SkillShare class about animation and it is not going well. I am not sure I want to invest in a camera for this teaching project.

I've joined a creative group on Facebook with Terry Runyan a gifted illustrator who also has started a Youtube series about creativity. I am thinking this might get me back to drawing. This morning I created a family to fit a little story I just sent off to an agent who may or may get back to me eventually. As I had everything perfect and ready to mail I saw a couple of lines I could edit and so in the process I made three stupid typos and spelling errors and I had been editing the thing for so long and for so many days I could not see them and I hit send. So I can hear the buzzer of the agent going in my head. BZZZZZ. This is an idiot! Get her out of here. Next.